Ultimate Sofa Cover Buying Guide 2021


If your furniture is heavily used, it is best to pick a slipcover that is washable and stain-resistant. If you have young children, you’ll want to select a fabric that will be durable and tear-resistant, too. Slipcovers for furniture come in nearly every fabric imaginable, from silk to durable poly blends that are nearly indestructible.

Here are the fabric options for Sofa slipcovers:

  • Cotton
  • Twill
  • Suede
  • Stretchable
  • Polyester-cotton blend


It’s crucial to determine fit before buying slipcovers. They fit best on furniture with rounded arms, but even hard-to-fit furniture (e.g. sofas with winged cushions) can be fitted. It just takes a little extra planning.

There are two main types of slipcovers available:

  1. One-piece sets that cover the entire piece of furniture, making washing the slipcover easy and convenient.
  2. Separate sets give you the option to cover all or part of your furniture, allowing you the ability to replace one cushion’s cover without having to replace the entire set, for example.

Size Measurement

Depending on the type of slipcover you decide to buy, you may have to make an additional measurement or two. For example, if you decide to buy slipcovers with a dust ruffle, you’ll need to measure your sofa or chair from the top of the legs to the floor.

In addition, it’s important to take into account the type of material of your new slipcover. Knit fabrics (such as cotton and spandex) will stretch to fit your furniture, thus allowing for minor miscalculations in measurement. If you opt for a fabric like a twill, you’ll need to make sure to take careful measurements since woven fabrics don’t stretch as knit fabrics do.

Here’s how to measure a couch for a slipcover in just 5 steps:

1. Measure the Length

First, measure your sofa from the outside of one arm to the outside of the other arm. This is the longest length of the sofa slipcover.

Most slipcovers are measured in inches, but to ensure that your measurements are accurate, write down measurements in both inches and centimeters.

Slipcovers are available in stretch and tie formats. If you need extra room, stretch sofa slipcovers provide more give for larger cushions and sofa arms. Sofa covers with ties can be adjusted as well. To help your slipcover stay in place

2. Measure the Seat Cushions

Measure the cushion width in the front of the sofa. This is the area below the sofa arms. Measure the length from one side of the sofa to the other. Be sure to measure at the widest point to ensure a better fit, especially if you’ll be purchasing sofa covers that don’t have a lot of stretches. To find a slipcover with giving.

3. Measure the Width of the Sofa

Measure the outside edge and width. Start at the front, outside edge of one sofa arm. Continue to the back corner and then continue measuring around the backside of the sofa. Complete the measurement at the front, outer edge of the opposite sofa arm. You will need to angle or bend the tape measure for accurate results. Be careful when measuring width, as slipcovers for sofas tend to bunch in the center if they are too wide.

4. Measure the Cushion Height

Measure the height from the floor to the top of the seat cushion to determine the lower end height of the couch slipcover you’ll be buying.

5. Measure the Full Height

Measure the height of the sofa from the floor to the top, back edge of the sofa to determine the full height when shopping for slipcovers for sofas.


Another factor to look out for is the covers’ design. When you get to the market, you would be greeted with several designs, so ensure to pick a good design. When we say good design, we mean a cover that is very easy to install, remove, and does not slide or move each time you attempt to sit on it. For 100% protection, purchase a couch cover that is stretchable with sofa arms.

Before you buy the sofa design you need to consider the style of your sofas. Sofa covers are available in different designs, for example:

  • With or without arms
  • The Number of Seats
  • L-shaped sofas
  • Sectional Sofas
  • Sofas with removable seats
  • Recliner Chairs
  • Wingback Sofa

Colors, Prints, And Patterns

Slipcovers for furniture typically come in neutral shades that make it easy to blend with most decors. However, you can find bright prints & patterns to dress up a room. Keep the look at your draperies and your carpet in mind when selecting sofa or chair slipcovers to ensure that your furniture won’t look out of place with its new coverings.


Remember, couch covers are designed to serve more than one function. Aside from providing protection to your sofas, couch covers should make your living room aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, it beholds on you to source couch covers that match your sofas and at the same time complement your living room interior decor.

Also, if you own a pet, say a dog that sheds a lot, you can purchase a couch cover whose color matches your dog’s hair. Doing this will drastically reduce the visibility of your pet’s hair on your couch and will also make your living room neat.

If you have kids or pets, waterproof sofa cover protectors are highly recommended.


The last factor to consider when you are looking at buying couch covers is your convenience. How often do you want to wash or maintain your covers? The answer to this question will give you a heads up on the type of covers to buy. Let’s take two instances; first, it won’t be a bad idea to carry out minor vacuuming of your covers or using a washing machine to do a thorough cleaning when it’s dirty.

Secondly, buying a product that doesn’t require frequent washing is also a good idea. In essence, the best couch cover is one that does not absorb odor and repels pet fur. In fact, it is even more adorable to buy a reversible cover because you can easily turn the other side if one side is permanently stained.

How to Measure the Size of Your Sofa for Stretch Strength

Whether it’s for a loveseat or a sectional, a strong sofa slipcover has got to have some give. The perfect combination of elasticity and shrink resistance will minimize the time you spend straightening and smoothing, so decide if you want a relaxed or stretch fit slipcover. Full-cushion coverage and a wrinkle-free fit also make for an impenetrable, longer-lasting sofa.

To get the right-size slipcover, carefully measure the length of your sofa from outer arm to outer arm, then measure the depth from the front of the couch to the back. Finally, measure the height from the floor to the top of your seat cushions. Make sure you note whether the cushions are square or if they wrap around the arms of the sofa. For more on sizing a slipcover, read How to Measure a Sofa for a Slipcover.

Try to avoid purchasing a sofa cover you have to struggle with each time you take it off to clean it. Instead, choose a one-piece design that slips on and off with ease. For more detailed instructions on getting the best fit, read How to Put a Slipcover on a Sofa.

How to Put a Slipcover on a Sofa?

One-Piece Slipcover:

  1. Remove all throw pillows from your sofa.
  2. Spread the slipcover over the sofa from the front to the back. Drape the arms of the slipcover over the arms of the sofa and pull the cover over the back of the sofa.
  3. Follow the remaining steps using your wooden spatula to ensure a neat, tight tuck.
  4. Use your wooden spatula to tuck any excess fabric from the inside arm of the sofa into the crease between the armrest and the seat. Repeat with the other side.
  5. Pull any excess fabric from the middle of the sitting area toward the arm. Tuck the excess fabric into the crease near the arm. Repeat with another side.
  6. Pull any excess fabric along with the backrest and tuck it tightly into the crease underneath the back support.
  7. One-piece slipcovers typically have ties along with the skirt. Tie these to pull the fabric around the base of the sofa tight.
  8. Replace your throw pillows and enjoy.

Two-Piece Slipcover:

  1. Remove all the pillows and seat cushions from your sofa.
  2. Follow steps two through six for the one-piece slipcover.
  3. Place the seat cushion(s) inside the seat-cushion cover and zip the cover closed. Place the seat cushions on your sofa, arrange your throw pillows and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some frequently asked questions relating to the use of couch covers. We encourage you to pay attention to the responses we have provided, as it would guide you on the product usage and also help to extend the life of the covers.

I have a pet, how do I wash my couch covers?

All the couch covers we have reviewed are machine washable. However, the instructions on how to wash each model might be different. Hence, ensure to read the product manual before washing the covers. For the most part, a couch cover can be washed using cold water and the application of a gentle detergent.

How often should I replace my couch covers?

Changing your covers depends on how quickly they get dirty. If you own a kid or pet that is not too troublesome and won’t stain the covers, you can wash them once in say two to three months. If the couch cover is reversible, it might even take a longer time to wash them. However, if you have kids or pets that often play around your sofas, it is ideal to wash the covers at least once a month. This will help to prolong the aesthetic of the product.

Are all the couch covers waterproof and machine washed?

Not all the couch covers are waterproof and machine washed. Like we mentioned earlier, the 10 products reviewed in this post are all machine washed, but not all are waterproof. If you live in a house where your kids are likely to wet your sofas, we encourage you to buy waterproof couch covers.

After washing the couch covers, can I use a machine to dry the product?

If you have a drying machine that can dry the cover, that’s perfect. Otherwise, revert to the traditional system of drying with the sun. We would even encourage you to dry with the sun if you are not in a rush to cover your sofas.

Can I get a couch cover that matches my living room wallpaper?

Of course, there are several brands and designs on the market. Check the few ones we have reviewed to see whether any of them matches your wallpaper.

What couch cover size should I get?

The size of the couch covers you need depends on the size of your sofas. Measure your couch and write down the dimensions. When you get to the market, look out for the couch cover that aligns with the measurements before you make payment.

What are the consequences of buying unfit couch covers?

The consequences of buying couch covers that do not fit your couch are numerous. First and most importantly, an unfit cover won’t be able to adequately protect your sofas. Plus, the cover will sit awkwardly on your couch and may move or slide each time you attempt to sit on it.

How long will a good couch cover last?

The duration of a good couch cover depends on how you use it. If you don’t care for the cover, chances are that it won’t last long before wearing out. But if you maintain it, it can serve you for as long as you want.

Can the cover fit well in office chairs?

There are covers for office chairs and couches. Before you part with your money, check to ensure that the cover you are buying is appropriate for your need.

What Are the benefits of using a sofa cover?

There are so many benefits of using a couch cover. Top among the rest is that a couch cover helps to protect your furniture from dirt, dust, and your kids’ mess. If you have pets, you can relate to how messy they can be when they hub on your couch. But when you use a couch cover, you are guaranteed that their mess won’t get to your expensive couch. You can easily wash the mess off the cover.

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